A Message from Helen and Sean’s mam Catherine

A Message from Helen and Sean’s mam Catherine

In the last 15 months, our 2 children have been critically and seriously ill but we just feel incredibly blessed and lucky, blessed to still have them both and so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful family, friends and community, willing to support us and scaffold us through it all. Amazingly, all this help has been given to us without us ever having to ask. Think about that! There is so much goodness and kindness in people. This journey has taught us about human nature, people’s ability to pull you through it, to lighten your load and help carry your cross. Thank you!

Having 2 children ill and 2 others at home necessitated us to stop working. Your financial support has allowed us to take the precious time to be with our precious children without the burden of mounting financial debt. It has helped to run our household while also contributing to hotel/accommodation, travel, parking and living expenses while away in hospital. We have had to change our car to accommodate special needs seating and special buggy and increased family size. Again these purchases would not be possible without people’s help. It is important for us to let people know how your generosity has helped. Thank you to all involved in and supporting next Saturday’s introduction to ‘A Gentle Introduction to Meditation in Aid of Helen & Sean.

The darkest hour is just before the dawn and ironically our darkest hour was at the start of this summer. Thankfully both children are now making progress and thanks to all the prayers and the wonderful skill and talent of the teams in Temple St , Crumlin, Clonmel Paediatric Unit and local Early Intervention Services/ PHN & St Mary’s Health centre and hopefully rehab in Dun Laoghaire (still on waiting list!!), they are recovering. Helen continues rehabilitation and awaits a scan next month to determine how tumour is behaving and Sean continues to be closely monitored by Cardiology in Crumlin.

A sincere thank you for all your support!


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