A Gentle Introduction to Meditation and Relaxation


Stress is being here but wanting to be there. For so many of us, our thoughts keep us running towards the future or trapped in the past. What we are really doing is resisting the Now.  We don’t realise that this is where our real life is located.  Instead we keep reducing the now as a means to an end. We keep missing the very Essence of life.

When we meditate we are deliberately choosing to stop running. Instead we anchor ourselves in the present moment.  We allow the present moment to be our friend.

The present moment can seem so small and yet when we step into it, slip into it, align ourselves with it, we realise that all of life is contained in it.  As we practice Meditation we develop skills to take our focus off the thoughts that are driving us out of this moment and leaving us feeling stressed and anxious.

Some people find it helpful to put their focus on something that is not a thought.  Your breath is not a thought.  As you rest your focus on your breath, you can be aware of all your thoughts but not held a prisoner by any of them. You realise that you have the ability to take control of your thoughts.  When you change your thoughts you change your life.

Meditation is living from the still centre that is within each of us and is always available to us.  Because we are so rushed we lose our connection to it. Within this stillness we feel peaceful, calm and relaxed and yet are more fully aware and present to our lives.  In this present moment awareness you realise that everything you need is already present. You stop running, surrender your resistance and allow this moment to be as it is.

Join us on Saturday next 24th October  at 10am in the Sports Complex PresentationThurles and be part of the Grand Gesture for Helen and Sean.

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