Spring Courses 2017

Aistear Workshops…. Introduction to Aistear Programme – Thurles 

Dates: Wednesday 15th February and March 1st.

Time: 4.00-6.00pm

Venue: Gaelscoil Bhríde, Thurles.                  No Fee for this course 

This introduction explores the Aistear Framework, which is an integrated approach to learning through play and offers ideas and suggestions and practical examples for infant teachers.

Places Available.

Let’s Create a Story 

This course will bring teachers on a journey towards exciting thinking as the art forms of painting, drama, photography and creative writing are married to showcase a few of the many different ways we can tell a story. Bring your classroom alive with the ideas from this new course.

Date: Thursday 16th February                     Time: 3.30- 5.50pm

Venue: Gaelscoil Bhríde, Thurles                   No Fee

Aistear Workshops in Nenagh

The introductory Aistear Course will run in Nenagh in March. A practical course that will offer ideas, suggestion, and practical examples for infant teachers to help children develop their full potential as they learn through play.

Dates: Tuesday 7th and 14th March 2017                   Time: 3.30- 5.50 pm

Venue: St. Mary’s Convent Primary School, Nenagh

Dabble doo Music Course

This course is designed specifically for teaching music in the classroom, covering the full Primary Curriculum. It is open for everyone and no previous musical experience is required. There are fantastic online resources with over 40 interactive activities and games. Bring music to life in your classroom with an interactive whiteboeard and Dabbledoo!

Date: Tuesday 21st March                        Time: 5pm- 8pm (Refreshments provided)

Venue: Gaelscoil Bhríde, Thurles.                          Fee: €10 fee per teacher

Oral Language: Empowering our children to speak for LIFE

This course will explore how training our children in the skills of Public Speaking from Junior Infants to 6th Class, at a time when THEY most want to talk can also achieve the Learning Outcomes of the NEW Language Curriculum. Not only that but it can develop systematically their listening, evaluating and speaking skills, preparing them in a meaningful way for the real world.

Date: Tuesday 28th March 2017                   Time: 7.00- 9.00pm

Venue: Gaelscoil Bhríde,Thurles                    Fee: €10

Booking for the above courses can be made by e mailing: info@tippec.ie or ring/text 086 6008860

Autumn Courses 2016

TEST 2r Training … New Assessment tool for primary schools 

TEST2r is an Irish developed, Irish normed, Early Screening & Diagnostic test to identify which 5 and 6 year olds (Senior Infants, First Class) may experience literacy difficulties in their school careers.  The test has been validated and is found to be very reliable.  There are Irish norms which will help teachers decide where each child performs in relation to these.  TEST2r will also be able to provide an electronic report, pointers towards intervention and resources for intervention for each child who requires it.  The Test was designed and developed with the help of Irish teachers in Irish schools by Dr Pauline Cogan.  She will engage in face to face training for the administration of TEST2r at Tipperary Education Centre in  Thurles, in September.

Date:  Monday 12th September 

Time: 4.30- 7.00pm 

Venue: Gaelscoil Bhríde, Thurles

Tutor: Pauline Cogan (researcher, project leader and author of TEST 2r)

TEST 2r Course and Training is limited to 25 teachers. Early booking is advised.


 Maths Workshop- Developing problem solving in primary school 

This free 2 hour workshop will focus on developing problem solving skills with pupils in primary schools. The workshop will cover:

Flexible thinking and number sense; Using classroom resources to build number sense; Language and questioning and Growth mindset.

Date: Wednesday 5th October 2016 

Time: 4.00- 6.00pm 

Venue: Gaelscoil Bhríde, Thurles 

This workshop is limited to 30 teachers

Places on the above courses can be booked by emailing : info@tippec.ie or ringing 086 6008860 

Summer Courses 2016

Summer Courses 2016 at Co. Tipperary Education Centre

Download Application form here: App Form 2016

Completed registration forms must be returned with course fee to:
Michelle Percy, Co. Tipperary Education Centre, St. Patrick’s College, Thurles, Co. Tipperary

1.Course Title: Creating and Using ICT Resources for Literacy (Revised)
Venue: LIT, Thurles
Dates: 4th-8th July Times: 9.30-2.00pm
Tutor(s): John Manley/Tom Percy
Cost: €10
Course Code: 16-TY-01

2.Course Title: Creating and Using ICT Resources for Literacy (Revised)
Venue: St. Mary’s Convent Primary School, Nenagh
Dates: 4th-8t July Times: 9.30- 2.00pm
Tutor(s): Michael Small/ Maurice Ryan
Cost: €10
Course Code: 16-TY-02

3.Course Title: Using ICT for Literacy & Numeracy in the Junior Classroom (Revised)
Venue: L.I.T. Thurles
Dates: 4th- 8th July Times: 9.30- 2.00pm
Tutor(s): Marie Ryan/Eimear McNamara
Cost: €10
Course Code: 16-TY-03

4. Course Title: Creating and Using ICT Resources for Literacy (Revised)
Venue: St. Patrick’s College, Thurles
Dates: 22nd-26th August Times: 9.30- 2.00pm
Tutor(s): Will Carroll/Tom Percy
Cost: €10
Course Code: 16-TY-04

5. Course Title: Active and Inclusive PE for Primary School
Venue: Gaelscoil Bhríde, Thurles
Dates: 4th- 8th July Time: 9.30- 2.00pm
Tutor: Siobhán Ryan
Cost: €25
Course Code: 16-TY-05

6.Course Title :The Power of Personality- Explore classroom dynamics!
Venue: Primary School, Borrisoleigh
Dates: 4th- 8th July Times: 9.30 – 2.00pm
Cost: €25
Tutor(s): Martin Fitzgerald
Course Code: 16- TY- 06
7.Course Title: The Mindful Teacher- the art of stillness in the classroom
Venue: Cabra Wetlands, Thurles
Dates: 4th- 8th July Times: 9.30- 2.00pm
Tutor: Mary-Teresa McCormack
Cost: €25
Course Code: 16-TY-07